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I promise to be as stable as I can be with you. Unless you insult one of my many fandoms, then say your goodbyes ^_^ (lol, jk XD)


Extra credit if it makes me cry! Haha, that's gold. But really though, I'm already convinced a lot of teachers ship students, and thus assigned seats happen.

The dog in all caps looks like a bow tie

That's what happens when we see another member of our fandom in public! Youre a fan! I am a fan!

And I'm currently joining more fandoms while trying to catch up on the ones I'm already in...

Is it even possible to be in only one fandom?<---no because one fandom leads to all the others.its usually harry potter.------harry potter is a gateway fandom

SPREAD IT LIKE THE PLAGUE! (I [noelle] am going to be wearing MINT GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, and RED+WHITE

Pass it around!<<<I'm in to many fandoms! I'm gonna look like a frickin rainbow!but mostly homestuck-----> I'm gonna be so colorful.IDK if I have some of these colors even.---> omfg is fandom day on my birthday!

We all can relate

If that's your normal heartbeat you need to speak with a doctor immediately.

Fandoms will make me beautiful

XD So should I go watch the Reichenbach Fall a thousand times and I'll be beautiful?

Fangirling contract. (NOTE: All girls who love Leo [hey, he's Hot Stuff. Get it? Hehehe] I would recommend either getting over him or moving to a different galaxy where you'll be safe. Just a note.)

Fangirl contract how perfect is this contract? I happily honor it and am proud to say I have "made friends with other fangirls.Finally, I promise to love my fellow fangirls, because they are the only ones who understand me." love you D.