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'Chrysanthemum Splendor' Itaya Naomi for Yuwa Fabric, Japan. Known as kiku (菊) in Japanese, the chrysanthemum is associated with autumn - among other things.

japanese traditional 'fukuro' obi belt. Lavish use of gold and silver threads in hand embroidered and painted chrysanthemum flowers and golden leaf motif. 1930s, silk brocaide.  Frequently these obi were more expensive than the kimonos they adorned.

Japanese Antique Obi Sash belt Japanese traditional 'fukuro' obi belt with hand embroidered and painted chrysanthemum flowers motif. around material: silk brocade

When I discovered Hokusai I was very grateful for Goldfinch and Weeping Cherry, because it allowed me to replace the sad Dutch painting (lovely composition, inherently depressing subject). So this …

The Goldfinch

Bullfinch and weeping cherry blossoms Artist: Katsushika Hokusai Completion Date: 1834 Style: Ukiyo-e Genre: bird-and-flower painting Gallery: Guimet Museum, Paris, France Tags: flowers-and-plants, birds, bullfinches

Florence Broadhurst (I need the Florence Broadhurst for Kate Spade Wallet.)

Japanese Floral from Florence Broadhurst via Signature Prints I quite like this as a wallpaper. Leftover style tastes from the lol.

Imperial Koi

Imperial Koi (one of the deeper meanings of Koi is "overcoming adversity"

Antique Japanese Floral Pattern Porcelain Tile Panel Royalty Free Stock Photo

Close -up from an Antique cobalt blue floral pattern Japanese...

re:pin BKLYN contessa :: Close -up from an Antique cobalt blue floral pattern Japanese porcelain tile panel dated 1875

Alexander Henry Convert to grey scale, transfer print to canvas and stitch…

alexander henry fabric, I love this fabric. It would make a great chair and then we could do the purples. Well said iPhone Wallpaper