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Dalmatian ~ Top 5 Fastest Dog Breeds On Earth

I absolutely love dalmations! I had one named Millie until I was we had to put her down then.

dalmatian puppy.. Adorable but Jon doesn't want a Dalmatian ): ):

Why can't there be mini Dalmatians and why can't they have a better personality.

Non sono stato io....davvero....

Daddy I swear I didn't play in the mud. What mud are you talking about anyways


Aww I just adopted a puppy he is only a puppy and he is a boy his name is Bentley *picks up Bentley and kisses him*-Madison

This puppy looks like my dog Scotty when he was young.

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SO CUTE! Our pup was having trouble with the stairs too but he's finally got the hang of them . going up at least. Down is still a challenge.