Path through the mountains Exploring - vanishing point A photo of two halves, green and lush foreground contrasting cold, still mountains in the background

The magical San Antonio Hot Springs - Santa Fe National Forest - outside of Jemez Springs in New Mexico. Natural Swimming Pool

San Antonio Hot Springs - Santa Fe National Forest - outside of Jemez Springs in New Mexico. This is the type of place I dream about, so lovely to see it exists in real life ♥

Mossy Stairs, Perthshire, Scotland

bluepueblo: Mossy Stairs, Perthshire, Scotland photo via jami Warm autumn sun rays casting their brilliant twinkle on a mossy forest path… Lace your fingers through mine and take a walk with.

can there be any more perfect utopia?

what you make it: travel tips and tricks: how to enjoy the "getting there" too beautiful yellowstone / dangerous dan

Inspiration lane...

Inspiration lane...

伟东 周 photography     |   Guizhou06, 2010

Huangguoshu Falls, Guizhou, China this is were my Daughter was adopted from.it's beautiful!


Victoria Falls is the only waterfall in the world with a length of more than a kilometer and a height of more than hundred meters. It is also considered to be the largest fall in the world

Magiczne jezioro pełne lodowych kul Jezioro Abraham Kanada

By Long Nguyen: This image is taken at lake Abraham in Alberta, Canada. The remote lake becomes really phenomenal with beautiful ice formations in winter. The weather was very cold at minus 7 F degree and strong wind.


oh the walks, the fresh air, the beautiful nature! And yes this is Switzerland :) Unbelievable, I want to go up to the top!

Big Sur

An expansive and dramatic shoreline, Big Sur spans the Central California coast, where the Santa Lucia mountains rise from the Pacific. The perfect place to surf and paddle, watch dolphins and seals, and explore the vastness of the ocean.