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20 skeleton rib cage tattoo designs, more skull inspirations and tattoo designs…

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Soft Anatomy tattoo, ilustration by Rebecca Ladds. Tattoo done by Kallel Tattoo, made in Campo Grande, MS, Brazil. I want one like this soooooo bad!

by Ien Levin. Ive seen it on a few different people but it somehow feels unique each time I see it.

the-starlight-hotel: Ribs tattoo by Ien Levin original artwork by Rebecca Ladds Really, really similar to the other tattoo i posted on here - is one a copy? like the style of the other one better, but feel like the images combine better in this one.

I love this so much

Skeleton Tree Tattoo - but definitely minus what appear to be small, children skeletons! And, no leaves or buds either.


Shoulders, arms and back are the recognized body part for skeleton tattoo designs. Check this collection of skeleton tattoos.

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queen tribal tattoos on chest of the girls

Love the idea of a cameo tattoo- in honor of Chan Chan Snyder! :) Nothing this big, though, relax Mom!