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'A Ball About Me', a fun first week back to school art activity. This soccer ball template invites children to respond to prompts in a personal, imaginative way using doodles, mark making, graffiti style lettering and imagery. Click on the link for me information and images

Back to School Fun Art 'All About Me' Soccer Ball Doodle Activity

My Summer Memories Art-Phone: A Back to school Art and Writing creative lesson. Engage children creatively with this Instagram style, 'tech' mobile phone/tablet 'My Summer Memories' first week back, art and writing activity. Children can reflect, and capture a visual essence of their summer break using pictures and words. Cut out and make a fold out booklet style art-phone, and then complete the image making on the front cover and the written elements inside.

Back to School Art & Creative Writing Activity 'My Summer Memories'

My Summer Memories Art-Phone: A Back to school Art and Writing creative lesson…

Name Map-This is a great getting to know you activity.  The teacher creates one and shares it with the class.  The teacher then allows the students to create their own "name map".  The middle symbol represents them and then they have other symbols branching off of the center symbol that represent who they are and their interests.  It also goes well after reading Chrysanthemum.

Back to school! Name maps. Great icebreaker for the day/week of school. Fun way to get to know your students. Makes a cute back to school bulletin board too.

All about me craft.  "I am..." Awesome results.  The background was made from cutting colorful pictures from a magazine and then gluing them on.  She typed things that described herself and then cut them out and arranged them over the top.  LOVE this! Tutorial

Great watercolor study - have them practice different watercolor techniques, cut it out and arrange it, then cut words out of magazines idea for names of god

Getting to know you activity. Do a different set of questions in each seminar.

Fun Ice Breaker Activity for the First Day or Week of School. The topics could change from day to day! great small group activity to get to know your classmates

Mind Map Gallery - CreatingCreativeClasses.Com

Equity or funds of knowledge in elementary classrooms This would be a fun back to school and getting to know you activity for students to chart what they did all day while school was out.

first week of school!

People Bingo - Whole group activity - The kids have to find someone different to sign in each box and when they have a signature in every box they call out, "Bingo!" yESSSS people bingo, make those kids talk at each other

first week of school idea

Back to School: Beginning of the Year Activities Pack

Start off the new school year with these community building activities. Fantastic for getting to know your students and their families--the foundation for all future learning in your classroom!

Fun in First Grade: Procedures for the 1st Week of School:

Procedures for the Week of School - Fun in First This is great! An easy checklist for students of all ages that takes into account many different facets of any classroom