Please modern day Hamilton, rise up, we need you <<Where are my modern day Alexander Hamiltons at?

oh Lin. (also, I love that this is the only thing we can come up with for why Lin is problematic)

He had to reject 'baguette' and 'Lafayette' because it would be "too easy," but when faced with rhyming 'son' he literally chose 'Sun.

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I thought this the first time I heard it. And after Lin confirmed it. Every time I listen to it now I just think, "And in that moment, Madison was all of us."<<< Now I'm gonna cry darn it!

wow ok so my friend is in this acting program and Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones were in it before and I might meet them and just wow I might cry

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HAHA :))))

I lov everything that Lin said Alex drew the invisible map.I watched it with that in mind and it was hilarious. Now wonder the clues are so cryptic

Oh how things escalate #Hamilton #Funny #AlexanderHamilton

As a descendant of John Adams, I'm obligated to take offense to that. XD ------- As a descendant of Thomas Jefferson, I have the right to agree with Hamilton XD