The Fox and the Hound

50 Chibis Disney : Rox & Rouky (The fox and the hound) by David Gilson

Menos de 24 horas para acabar a enquete da vez <---! Todos que não votaram vota!   Nosso Chibi Awnnn! de hoje trás as últimas fanarts chibi...

Rapunzel and Flynn from Disney's upcoming computer-animated film "Tangled" . HD Wallpaper and background photos of Chibi Rapunzel and Flynn for fans of Disney Princess images.

Mickey and Minnie

Photo Booth Kiss for your Mickey board :) I wish this was us Ashlyn Nicole Howard - Bellah we be so in luvs and we be happy together! I love you my beautiful Minnie Mouse ! I'll forever be Your Mickey Mouse ! We shall forever live a Disney love life!

« Never Grow Up » – L’Extraordinaire Expo Disney de la Galerie Mondo avec Cyclops Print Works ! – Geek Art – Art, Design, Illustration & Pop Culture !

The third and final online release featuring posters from our NEVER GROW UP: A Disney Art Show exhibit will be tomorrow posters below will be availabl

En honor a la 50 película de Disney, David Gilson ha realizado unas versiónes Chibis de los clásicos:                               P.D: Ire editando el post conforme vayan saliendo nuevos ;)

50 Chibis Disney : les Trois Caballeros (The Three Caballeros) by David Gilson

David Gilson ☆

Do you like esmeralda and Quasimodo in this chibi version? Credits to Princekido obviously!Wallpaper and background photos of The Hunchback of Notre Dame CHIBI for fans of Walt Disney Characters images.