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Henkilöstöjohtaminen - Strateginen kilpailutekijä esittelee laajasti henkilöstöjohtamisen kenttää. Tarkastelun kohteina ovat muun muassa henkilöstöjohtamisen strategisuus, tavoitteet ja toteutustavat eri osa-alueilla, henkilöstöammattilaisten ja esimiesten rooli sekä vastuullinen henkilöstöjohtaminen.

There are more than LinkedIn members in the UK, so chances are you and your business are already using the professional social network to build your network and add new business connections.

Let's be honest -- likes feel good, retweets feel good, the virtual world's affirmations of -- "Hey dude, you rock! Here's a white number in a red box to let you know we care!" -- feel great in the ever increasing digital world we live in.  Wait, t

The Science of Social Timing Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Computers, Social Media category. Check out The Science of Social Timing now!

Raccolta di infografiche sul copywriting – Parte 1

Copywriting Cheat Sheet: how to write for emails vs social media vs web [infographic. I will be glad I pinned this someday

13 Books Every PR Pro Should Rread – womeninpr

13 Books Every PR Pro Should Rread

13 books every PR pro should read \\\\ For public speaking, crisis management, reading body language, and dealing with the media, these books ought to cover all the bases.


--> Grocery coupons by your own shopping list. How cool, will try next big shopping <--lots of Cool 'Life Hacks' via Kat H

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What is an MLM sponsoring system? Multi level marketing companies are quickly becoming an attractive trend in the business realm.

Kelly Services created an infographic illustrating just how important a resume is in the selection process of applicants. It is important to use key words found in the descripption of the job posting, as it will be screedned. Tailor your resume, know the organization, look the part, and don't forget to smile.

infographic Never worry about a job application again. Image Description Never worry about a job application again.