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I honestly don't know if I'm repinning for his dimples or his what be said....

I love that he took this as a challenge and gave us an irreplaceable Finnick Odair. Ok, I have to admit I had doubts with him playing Finnick. but now I cannot imagine anyone who'd be better for this role.

Peeta always looks so young and unprepared for what lies next in that white suit.

The Hunger Games on

Catching Fire Cast!  A spark that is left unattended, may grow to be an INFRERNO<3

I can't wait, I hope it does the book justice. Catching Fire was my favorite book of The Hunger Games series!

Cameron Boyce by RAW

"Alright people listen up, i just got here and i can tell this school and students have been through a lot, but people need to know that thins are rough all over. Relationships, and sex, and drugs aren't the only thinks that matter.

Taron Egerton.......it's seriously unnatural how beautiful this man is......

Dark autumnal colours- Jeans, T-shirt, Jean jacket- simple look in order to not stand out.