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Now that I look back at this pic, it would be interesting to put our geese in dresses. But Beatrix Potter had ducks in dresses I think, not geese. The Puddleduck sisters? The Muscovy ducks might put up with it better than the geese.

Tempo de Flores.

Tempo de Flores.

Feathery fashion victims: These glamorous geese strut their stuff at the duck fashion show in Australia

Para toda la vida... Pato...

Funny pictures about Baby Ducks Getting Married. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Ducks Getting Married. Also, Baby Ducks Getting Married photos.

Let's make a break for it.

Yes, this is a zebra sat on a giraffe. Why is this relevant? Well according to law in Chicago, fishing while sitting on a giraffe's neck is forbidden. That zebra is in so much trouble.

Lamb chops in colors, lol...

Minecraft sheep in real life? - Freshly dyed sheep run in view of the highway near Bathgate, Scotland. The sheep farmer has been dying his sheep with NONTOXIC dye since 2007 to entertain passing motorists.

A Gente Ama a Natureza e quer dividir isso com você!

Australia’s Oldest Man Knits Sweaters For Penguins Affected By Oil Spills - Alfie dedicates his time to knitting tiny sweaters for penguins affected by man-made disasters.

Do you recognise this Emma and Ray? Used to be on our office door!

Some of these chickens received sweaters as part of a British project to rehabilitate abused battery hens. Others have owners who want warm, stylish pets. Regardless, you really can& go wrong with a sweater. More power to you, chickens.

I love watching ducks' little feet flap in the water when they're swimming. It makes me so happy.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming