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annual news & Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood sharing what?

I just. He's so adorable. And an idiot. But he's my idiot.

Oh Luke.<< just imagine that tho like "help help! I'm being kidnapped!" And some kind of half Dora half superman comes in trying to save you but then he trips and falls on his face XD 《OH MY GOD!

Imagine: Luke when he sees you when he picks you up for your first date. @alalum8570

Is it me or do you just stare at his lips, because I do all the time because they are so hot when he bites his lip ring Luke Hemings

This makes me laugh and cry at the same time ❤️

Thad so fucking weird, no. No no no, ughhhhhh no! Although Luke did go from baby face to some guy with scruff that also happens to be way too attractive for his own good

if you're struggling right now, remember Luke loves you & so do i ♡ i'm always here for yall, don't be scared to message me (:

if you're struggling right now, remember Luke loves you & so do i ♡>> awe, I love you too beautiful and you too awkward llama💖

Luke telling a joke.....

Luke Hemmings telling a 'cheesy' joke. I remember this joke from Hannah Montana.

I love this so much!!!!!! Ahhh

Heart light •Muke•

Mom: is on TV Me:Leaves work, trips, throws the table out of the way and goes and sits on the couch like that It is all true

That smile

I have probably already pinned this multiple times but I can't go by this gif without pinning it every time Luke looks happy this makes me so happy

#LUKE.  #5SOS in London at The o2 Academy Shepherds Bush Empire last night of the UK Tour March 2014

i really want to hug a sweaty luke after he finishes a concert

im in love with an idiot <<< I know how you feel

luke hemmings everyone<< I'm just ganna show someone this when they ask "who is Luke hemmings and why do u love him so much?"<<<<Luke is me. I am Luke.