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THIS CONCEPT IS MY FAV - YOONGI AND MIN HOLLY. Tbh though never knew Min Holly was a boy #FunnyKpop

Suga talking about his puppy Holly.

Sure Yoongi. Think whatever you like

Suga thinks that female idols are not approaching him is because they are jealous of his legs yoongi, you probably give them anxiety because you're so Damn perfect.

LOL You sunova-

Classic jungkook teasing his hyungs

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Are we just gonna ignore the fact what Jimin said

Jin eomma worried about ARMYs

Mother Jin has spoken lol

He makes me cry everytime

When I was young, I was told a beautiful heart reflects to the outside and Jung Hoseok is a prime example of that <<< well I guess that explains why I'm ugly as fuck

BTS | MIN YOONGI | SUGA | if he's not sleeping everywhere he's not Min Yoongi, so let him be Min Yoongi, people

he's really a lost case, he's just gonna spend the rest of his life sleeping (that's so ironic, i'm the one talking about oversleeping)

What point

What point <<< RM always asks that question when they play charades though!

brain mon | allkpop Meme Center

brain mon

RM fucking people up with his brain

their faces

They look so surprised to find that their music is even being considered in a Kpop tribute I'm just they so humble TvT I love them so much.

and poor little kookie is like "but y'all are over there, and i have to stay over here" what a precious baby he was

Aww poor little kookie cx

I love how V wakes up at the end and looks so surprised like "hyung theRE ARE CAMERAS STOP"

Imagine gif, pink princess and taetae

ahhh BTS

Jimin is still cute tho xD

Awwww this is the mot adorable thing in the world jungkook is so kind especially towards is hyungs.

Awwww, Jungkook is so kind especially towards his hyungs.

Kpop ☆ BTS ☆ Okay , but I can understand Suga !