Today my eyes weep tears of blood for the two sister INDIA 15 and sentenced to being raped and exposed naked apologize from the depths of my heart for these mujeres.por the love of God

Faerie Eyes by *RGUS on deviantART

Elton John sings: "Blue eyes, baby"s got blue eyes, like deep blue sea on a blue blue day" - Illustration by Deane Whitmore - Board "Art - In the eyes, the beauty".

Facebook: Meaningful Digital Paintings by Artist DestinyBlue!

Her heart shattered into a million pieces. She was so broken inside, she could barely breathe. Lack of love would push her over the edge, and only three people could work together to bring her back.

The Fatal Gift of Beauty

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Decent Image Scraps: Miss You Animation

Miss You Animation

Gothic fairy

Purple goth fairy art work by Enamorte okay so she's not quite a vampire. Goth fairy qualifies too.