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Hate you guys. Like, really hate you -_-again nooooope

Lol I usually don't do chain mail but the comments are funny and I also love my mom soooo

And all the whovians are sitting there not blinking :3

Btw everyone: for those of you who don't know, this is NOT chain mail. This is a doctor who reference, the Weeping Angels😂. That quote (don't blink, blink and you're dead.), is an actual line from the show

I don't know why I'm even doing this

I honeatly hate chain mail but Lol this was creepy in the beginning so yes i repost it for that reason only

Not taking any chances<<not taking any chances cause I'm driving

I'm sorry, but my mom's doing a bus thing for a church this week so I just can't risk it.

Idk why i even posted this. *sighs* i hate these chain posts anyways. I probs wouldnt even wake up if it was real.

this kid looks pretty tame probably just a boy that took a selfie and wanted it to be reposted

abortion is wrong-- no matter if the baby was conceived out of rape or incest-- he/she is a person--- that "unfeeling" fetus can feel extreme pain like you and me- you were born give this baby the same chance as you

Pro-choice is not anti-life. Anti-abortion is not pro-life.