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June 29th, 2013, shall remain in youtube history forever. The day Anthony Padilla (smosh) proposed to his long time girlfriend Kalel Cullin (wonderlandwardrobe) while in Japan. This is a picture of Kalel's engagement ring and a happy looking couple. CONGRATS YOU TWO!!!!! (': aww cuuutttee

This is Kalel and Anthony the have a multi channel. I recommend them for

The Legend of Zelda Rap... Ian Hecox is a perfect real life Link!!! Smosh...  And Anthony Padilla is a great Ganondorf!

Smosh Legend of Zelda ~ Ian Hecox makes the perfect Link!

Challenge to find all or most of the people i am subscribed to on YouTube! Pewdiepie <3

Love you Pewdie! I don't own pewdiepie or this picture!


When my mom asked what I wanted for my birthday: hold up iPad " this"!

The stages of Ian Hecox's hair, not going to lie I like the bowl but 2008 tho..

Ian, your the only one with tht hair cut tht looks pretty good in it 😂😘😜