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Officially licensed Doctor Who watch from Zeon Character.

Doctor Who Wristwatches for Real Timelords For A on WD since he doesn't like pocket watches >-> who doesn't like pocket watches. But they are watches for your POCKET!

David Tennant of Doctor Who giving a hungry Dalek a Snickers bar LOL!!

The Ultimate Snickers Commercial

So is that the solution, then? Give all the Daleks Snickers? Star wars and doctor who crossover

That moment when the Cybermen and Daleks get in a sass war... (I just read this in their voices...)

This is not war, this is pest control…

That moment when the Cybermen and Daleks get in a sass war. - For real, this was an awesome moment in tv.>> I squeed at this part, DALEK SASS!

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This is the meanest thing to do to a drunk person, but they will learn a great lesson on why not to drink so much.:

Don't Drunk Text a DOCTOR WHO Fan

Excuse the language. It's what you get for drunk texting a Whovian. I hope this person spent all night walking around graveyards all night looking for the TARDIS


Lazy Dalek sez "procrastinate" on this T-shirt, available here. He'll exterminate the Doctor next season. Or maybe he'll get the twelfth Doctor. Also availab

"what're ya gonna do, SUCTION me to death?" heh. Basically, yes.

Anatomy of a Dalek Now, what would be an awesome idea is if we could develop an Operation styled board game with a Dalek instead of a human that screams exterminate whenever you screw up. love-for-the-doctor-and-others

if your a fan , like and share ! #StarWars #StarWarsFan #StarWarsArt #DarthVader

if your a fan , like and share !

Dr who meets nightmare before Christmas ! Love it

Tim Burton's Doctor Who, starring Johnny Depp as the Doctor and Helena Bonham Carter as his companion. Or maybe she's the villain.

Doctor Who chess set

Cool Doctor Who chess set<< River as the queen piece! I want this chess set, even tho i don't know how to play chess.