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Immagine di nails, chanel, and black

Indian Garlic Naan Bread for Easy Indian Dinner at Home. A quintessential Indian bread served in every Indian Eatery, Garlic Naan is heart-throb of million Indian Cuisine Lovers! No Need of Special Oven - Sharing an easy Stove Top cooking method.

Almond tuile || These crispy cookies are extremely easy to bake, all you need is flour, egg whites, sugar, oil and nuts.

Arianna:" no flour on my baking sheet, but a very nice way to use up all your leftover egg whites" life as a almond tuile 杏仁瓦片

Oatmeal Lace Cookies.  Need to spread with dark chocolate and sandwich another cookie on top, then drizzle with more chocolate on top!!!

Oatmeal Lace Cookies are thin, crisp, delicate and buttery cookies. This lace cookies recipe is a family favorite.

mod podge + doilies + glasses = AWESOME

mod podge + doilies + glasses = AWESOME I love modge podge!

Belle Baie: Mustikka-valkosukaakakku

Belle Baie: Mustikka-valkosukaakakku

Antipastaa: Suklaakuorrutteiset piparminttunapit (munaton, mai...

Antipastaa: Suklaakuorrutteiset piparminttunapit (munaton, mai...

Cat with heart. Wall hanging ornament, felt decoration. €10,00, via Etsy.

Cat with heart wall hanging ornament, felt decoration


Black, red and white Neli Quilling Art: Quilling cards