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My friends are always asking me stuff about them trying to stump me but asking me stuff like their middle names and birthdays and when I answer they're like "oh my God you're a stalker!" And I'm like THOSE ARE THE EASIEST QUESTIONS IN THE WORLD!


Hahahaha Osmani Hafeji Malik this will happen in the future !) because we all know I'm a directioner

I just wanna sit criss cross applesauce and listen to Patrick Stump sing,"What A Catch, Donnie."

I just wanna sit criss cross applesauce and listen to Patrick Stump sing,"What A Catch, Donnie."<<i wanna sit criss cross and listen to Tyler sing house of gold

My grades are moderate, but I have no life now

Well it was in like grade and now I'm in high school but I can't say I have horrible grades Lol people feel like slapping me when I say my 5 A's and 2 B's are terrible .

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*cough, cough* Vic Fuentes, Kellin Quinn, Andy Biersack, and all of 5 Seconds of Summer

Me when my mom said I should sell my 5sos ticket when we found out it's the same day as college move in day and I'll be 4 hours away from the venue with no car

I shouldn't be laughing this hard. But I'm not very sorry<<< reminded me of mcr I almost went to there last show 😢

Well if you wanted honesty that's all you had to say, I never wanna let you down or have you go it's better off that way... I'm not okay, I'm not okay, I'm not okay you wear me out

i actually do this on acident. like the other day a kid in my class said "hail mary" and i started singing. pierce the veil is *infinity sign* times better then them./// me with Hamilton songs

Same. Everyone's complaining about FOB's new sound, but I still love their music, and will love it since they're FOB.  Sure, it's definitely different, but it's a good different

this is exactly what i feel about MCR!>>> this is how I feel about and just Kpop in general ahaha

But sometimes I want to marry them also. Bands save lives. So many people keep going even after being bullied at school because afterwards, there band is right there supporting them even if they don't know it.

I agree more with the second thing, but marrying the band member I love would be a great bonus :)>>>> yeah this is extremely true but for one of the members it's both.


My Chemical Romance Green Day twenty one pilots Panic! At The Disco (this is random bot woteva


I've only ever been to a One Direction concert and a The 1975 concert, but still SO ACCURATE