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Life's too short to wear boring clothes. #UNIQUE_WOMENS_FASHION http://stores.ebay.com/VibeUrbanClothing

Life's too short to wear boring clothes. I want to color these letters with nail polish!

fashion designers quote - Google zoeken

Create Your Own Style. let it be unique for yourself & yet identifiable for others // Anna Wintour quote;

Smart man with a great brush.

Inspiration exists but it has to find you working. Powerful words from Pablo Picasso … Find the inspirations and the push forward in your work with me and thousands of other artists at this weekends.

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Maybe this is why guys like me when I'm the "new girl" but after a couple months they act like we're just acquaintances.

Look fabulous in VS clothing (: glad I got my wine bought & I will be buying a new VS PINK outfit too! ~~~~ Look fabulous as ever! Don't let their stares down your spirit but know that you are beautiful in every



“When you sit in silence long enough, you learn that silence has a motion. It glides over you without shape or form, exactly like water. And silence has a sound you hear only.

OPEN THE DANG BOXES!!! Happy holidays goddess.

wear something cute and don't take any crap - clinton kelly wise words