17 Simply Amazing Wedding Cakes


All-white wedding cake with a milk glass compote at top to reflect the silver compotes we're using for floral centerpieces. The Monogram!

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I wasn't sure where to pin this because I'm already married, but let me just say WHERE WAS PINTREST when I was planning my wedding? I had Bird wedding cake toppers that I made myself, but I SO would have done this.

These 16 hand-painted and watercolor wedding cakes are equal parts delicious and dreamy.

16 Hand-Painted and Watercolor Wedding Cakes Just in Time for Spring

Preferred Cake - change black to wine red

gold wedding cake with black floral accents. I don't like black in weddings, but love the cake! Of course, minus the black ;

5 tiered buttercream and fondant wedding cake

Beautiful cake, but I would put all 3 initials on the top.Pictures of Wedding Cakes - Wedding Cake Ideas

beautiful. different flowers on top, but otherwise very elegant.

Wedding Cake Cake LOL It's very popular to add a touch of Bling to a these days. If you want your to match your dress this elegant lace cake would do the trick. Love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below.

Fairytale wedding cake  PIN and Photo From:

Are you a Disney fan? You can take a look at the wedding themes and the wedding theme ideas related to Disney. How about having a castle wedding cake and wedding lighting which are inspired by Disney characters? Read to know some wedding reception ideas.