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1905 big cat tamer show that getting 13 live lions to shut up and pose is no problem

knife thrower and lovely wasp-wasted assistant

Vintage photo of a knife thrower and his lovely, trusting assistant. Related Freak Show: Most Famous Sideshow Performers Sideshow Banner Art by Fred G.

The Charles McClaghy Collection has released this intriguing selection of images of female exotic dancers from the 1890s, which shows just how different ou

Incredible photos of exotic dancers from the 1890s

Horse OR unicorn inspiration. Vintage burlesque dancer, "The Devil's Auction" (stage/theater).

circus 1920s | Buckles Blog: Sparks Circus 1920's #1 (From Buckles)

For Love of Circus Showgirls - Traveling Circus <---- showgirls? All I see is a big beautiful elephant



September 3rd, 1967, Stockholm, Sweden: The day Sweden changed from driving on the left to driving on the right

Must-see Historical Photos That Make You Stop And Think…

In 1967 Sweden changed to road traffic policy. They switch the side of the road from left to right. This photo captures the first day after the change.