NOOOO. this isn't true. one day, i will find a guy like peeta. i will. :p

super hunger games problems- Or Gale! But I found my guy that will run through the woods with me and give me bread through starvation.

I can honestly say I fangirled more over this trailer than 'This is Us' and the poster in the movie theater than watching 'This is Us'

Hunger Games. Gold eyeliner has always been there

I want to get some before the next one, then I will braid my hair wear gold eyeliner and figure out what else to do for my favorite people!

only said this 9,985,463,571 times in english class on accident

We started reading to kill a mockingbird in English literature and seriously I kept telling people I was reading to kill a mockingjay

I know self confidence is a good thing but I think I would fall in the cornucopia and be shot by my friends who have teamed up to go against the people who haven't got a chance.

I do this all the time.we actually had a conversation during lunch about how the hunger games would go if we were in it, who killed who, how they killed them, who dies first, what weapons we would use.