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I did wonder about that. But then, I suppose, this *is* how anyone is when a sudden stranger inadvertently strikes one in the heart. More so with the Doctor.<<< mY HeARt iN THaT scENe!

Get ready, we're going on a feels trip. <---- pinning for the comment

Get ready, we're going on a feels trip. A feels trip. Accurate comment is accurate

FEELS!!! *Sigh* Rose.....

Heartbreaks and tears so many tears. While I loved rose, that's so sad.

Ten and Rose

This literally happened. I was cleaning the rainbow out of my living room for days.

Oh the feels......

That's okay I didn't need my heart anyway. <--- So sad that this didn't actually happen in the :(

Thank you, Amelia Pond. <3

That hurts the heart. <<< this hurts my inner spelling nazi

Technically One's first companion was his granddaughter, Susan. So she didn't burn. And they didn't burn.

Doctor who fandom> your fandom

"Most fandoms have some pretty deep canon. The Doctor Who fandom can tell you the concentration of gas in the atmosphere of the home planet of the main character.