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Well that just made my life

I sat on the floor of my apartment, I was writing a letter to kids and patrick when I heard a knock on the door -Mikey

XD I think Gerard underestimates us.... that or we're crazy or both really.....

There Are Fans of Gerard Way, and Then There's This

There Are Fans of Gerard Way, and Then There's This. although i fell like if he drew me something i'd get it tatooed too <<< I used to see this all the time, before I knew who Gerard Way is. Now, I know that I picked a great person to fangirl over.

yeah i noticed this and i hate when people dance or whatever to it and they mime climbing a ladder i'm like nO that's not the lyric

Opposites attract #Brallon

Opposites attract Brallon is not real. It never existed, Beebo is with Sarah and before that he was with Ryan. Ryden was real and will always be real.<<EW NO BRALLON

Way to think positive Gerard xD

Awww poor gee *hugs* << what if I'm actually on Oceanic Flight 815 will always be my first thought 4 8 15 16 23 42