Ceramic face bowl   face illustrated bowl  por MarinskiHandmades, $35.00

Ceramic face bowl - face illustrated bowl - ceramic serving bowl in Indigo colour - MADE TO ORDER

Oiseaux limited edition giclée par EloiseRenouf sur Etsy

Love the patterns added here. Great details to bring your doodles to the next level. // Credit: Birds, limited edition giclee print by Eloise Renouf on Etsy

SOLD Figgjo Flint Lotte

I have this "dish" pinched from my mom's kitchen and I've always loved it. for it's quiet joy and generous delight. I may start collecting Figgjo Flint "Lotte"

Bol en céramique - peach qui dessert bol-plaque - fait main et unique - visage illustré bol - fait pour commander

Ceramic serving bowl - peach serving bowl - face plate - handmade and unique - face illustrated bowl - MADE TO ORDER on Etsy,

Arabia Finland EMILIA Square Plate, sold

Arabia Finland EMILIA Square Plate by GoGoBerlinette on Etsy, This is a truly wonderful vintage plate from the famous Finnish manufacturer