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Victimless Leather by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr

Victimless Leather, a prototype of a stitchless jacket grown in a technoscientific "body", by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr

Joaquín Fargas proyecto Bioesfera

Joaquín Fargas proyecto Bioesfera

Alive | Pearling

Alive | Pearling


white - heart - glass - "Heart chamber: Listening" 2010 - clay in artist-designed glass vessel. (in private collections) Vessel hand blown according to artist's maquette by John Burchetta; photo by William Nettles

The Immortal: Revital Cohen on the design of "artificial biology"

The Immortal

Leftists Outraged that Brain-Dead Texas Mother’s Unborn Baby May Live - The Last Resistance

Cast Resin - Poured into the Blood vessels and Tissue peels away.

Resin cast of human heart blood vessels. This model was achieved by injecting liquid plastic into a real heart. Plastic resin fills the blood vessels and, once the resin sets, the tissue is dissolved away leaving a perfect replica of the blood supply ~

Circumventive Organs

Top ten future organisms

British designer Agatha Haines’ entry, Circumventive Organs, postulates about superhuman organs, made with tissue from other animals.

Alicia's work The Vision Splendid

Alicia's work The Vision Splendid

Algaerium sculpture science organic biology

British architect and meteorologist Marin Sawa builds sculptures out of farmed algae and assorted chemistry equipmen

Landscape Within - Burton Nitta

Artwork created in collaboration with scientists propose ways to thrive in a future contaminated world


Rejunte Curiosidades Anatomicas

Anatomical Neon: Blown Glass Human Organs Containing Neon Lights by Jessica Lloyd-Jones - Anatomical Neon is a series of blown glass lights by North Wales-based artist Jessica Lloyd-Jones meant to focus attention on how energy is used by the human body.