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“The Twilight Zone” (Economist, 11/5/2011 ). The police are getting people out of their house and not giving them their stuff because of the fukushima plant.   Themes (Crime & Comedy): It is wrong because of what they're doing to the people, and the what is ironic about this is the way people acted in the streets and how an old lady’s russet wig lies in the road. Interest: what got my eyes is the title of the story and the picture of the funny doll holding a guitar.

The twilight zone

Its owner fears not just radiation leaking out of the Fukushima plant, but also bad news

'X-Files' returns: New EW exclusive photos - Mulder and Scully (and Joel McHale), Chris Carter, Annet Mahendru, a peek at the first script, and more pics previewing series revival

'X-Files' returns: New EW exclusive photos

THE X-FILES Miniseries Will Premiere at MIPCOM and New York Comic Con 2015 The truth is out there…and it’ll be here sooner than expected.

Neil Gaiman On Returning To 'Sandman,' Talking In His Sleep And The Power Of Comics

You know the type -- those webizens who define themselves as social media "gurus," "mavens" or "experts." But what qualifies someone to have such a title?

How to Spot a Social Media 'Guru' [COMIC]

These Toothpaste For Dinner comics show you how to respond to your frustrating, tech-hating friends who are stuck in the wrong century.

Illustration of Scary Halloween clown presenting (showing) | vector_preview_title | Colourbox on Colourbox

Buy Halloween Clown Presenting by Dazdraperma on GraphicRiver. Illustration of spooky Halloween clown presenting (showing).

Kendall Jenner

Does Kendall Jenner Have Sleep Paralysis? Here's What You Need to Know

Musical Minds that shaped are generation/Aerosmith/Steven Tyler.

Steven Tyler Reveals Hepatitis C Battle

Musical Minds that shaped are generation/Aerosmith/Steven Tyler.