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Amazing Vintage Photos of the Cliff House, San Francisco From the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

The beach and Cliff House in San Francisco, California, 1902

An aerial trolley transports guano from one of the Ballesta Islands in Peru

A law originally intended to promote mining on remote islands has become the key to protecting the waters around them, and it all comes down to the stuff you try to keep of your newly washed car.

The Cliff House, San Francisco


This nuclear blast shows a rather odd contrast of colors and shapes. #TheASGproject

25 Incredible Explosion Photographs23

The atom bomb was the first nuclear weapon of its kind. German scientist immigrants fleeing the wrath of the Nazis, took refuge in America and were set to work on two bombs, which helped end the war against Japan.

Wood wall art depicting a vintage image of the Cliff House Hotel in San Francisco, California.   Product: Wall decor

San Francisco Cliff House Hotel - A large collection of Vintage Building Photography Posters, Art, and Prints from Enjoy Art.