Elvira by Gris Grimley I'm really thinking about turning this design into a tattoo.

Elvira and Death. Death grim reaper Father Time scythe maiden girl woman dance danse macabre skull skeleton would be a cool tat


We were included in South African art and design publication iJusi issue It was themed on tattoos so we created our own version of a flash sheet, made up of a series of smaller tattoo elements. We drew inspiration from adventures and mystery in the wild.

Top dog Lucky hare

blameyourparents: “ custom drawing print and design for tattoo which goes to New York to Johnny! / kusiakawa @ hotmail co uk / dont use without permission please / regarding design/tattoo etc please e.


A General Approach to Symbols

Peter Carrington

Vintage science journal and geometry inspired animals portraits by Peter Carrington - Bleaq

Soul of Science by Daniel Martin Diaz Basically the anatomy of an angel

Soul of Science / Daniel Martin Diaz

Combining traditional anatomical drawing and biological illustration with sacred geometry, chemistry, and mathematical principles, Tuscon artist Daniel Martinez Diaz creates precise, detailed works that easily bridge the gap between science and mysticism.