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Tiedätkö Tanja Brandin? Jos et ja rakastat eläimiä, sinun pitää ehdottomasti tutustua tähän upeisiin eläin- ja luontokuviin erikoistuneeseen valokuvaajaan ja hänen töihinsä!

millyandprudyandfriends: “ matrixbearer: “ Meet Ingo and Poldi: Tiny rescued owl and dog are madly in love “The relationship between Ingo and Poldi as somewhat of a ‘protector-protected’ relationship.


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41 pictures you need to see before the universe ends: A sloth who fell in love with a young girl.

I think one of the most unique friendships weve ever seen

I think one of the most unique friendships we’ve ever seen

One of the most unique friendships we've ever seen: Osiris the dog and his best friend Riff the rat. andrew raynor new hampshire

3 I married to young but my wife and i loved the animals. We have birds, a golden fish, a dog, rabbits, a monkey and a CAT

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I love reaching out into that absolute silence, when you can hear the owl or the wind. An owl's eye. beauty-belleza-beaute-schoenheit: From.

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A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.


There is only one species, or kind, of giraffe. But not all giraffes are the same. There are eight different groups of giraffes. Each group of giraffes has a different coat pattern. The pattern is a clue to which group a giraffe belongs to.

Merrie verliest haar veulen tijdens geboorte... Maar dan geschiedt er een wonder! (video) - Hetdelenwaard.nl

thehorsegodbuilt: “ “Two days ago, a group of people came together, working as a team… Saving a mare in labor but losing the foal… Today a group of people, working together, the same mare as two days.