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US Sherman of the Armd Divi moves past a roadside littered with debris from the retreating German forces near, Silz, Germany, 23 March

A patrol from Battalion, Infantry, Infantry Division and a Armored Division Sherman advance into Avranches, France, August 1944

Well-camouflaged, Sherman tank of the Ontario Regiment advances on San Angelo, Italy, May 1944

Canadian Sherman Firefly tank of the Ontario Regiment advances on San Angelo, Italy, May 1944

Avranches, Normandy

Avranches, Normandy

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Another pic of a Sherman from WWII. You can see the extra armor plate used on the jumbo and it is clearly more armored than a or any other variant of the Sherman tank.

Normandie, 10 juin 1944.

Sherman Mk III “Cameo” tank crew of Troop, ‘C’ Squadron, Royal Hussars, Armoured Brigade rest and write letters home by the side of their vehicle.

So they found this in a lake

So they found this in a lake

found sunk in mud for over 60 years. Has German "decoy" markings on it shows how the Russians liked to sneak in tank companies around German positions before sending in the hoard.

An W HVSS of Combat Command "B" Armored Division crosses the Muhl river near Neufelden in Austria. May A Dodge weapons.

M4A1 Sherman (1)

Photo album - The Sherman, formally Medium Tank, was the primary tank used by the United States during World War II - it

2nd Infantry Division

An tank burns at the intersection of Karl Heine Str. and Zschochersche Str. in Leipzig, Germany, near the end of the war in Europe, 18 April Infantry Division

aber-flyingtiger: “unsinkabledestroyer: “aber-flyingtiger: “hanspanzer: “Division australiana en africa con Sherman y Stuart ” Australian division in Africa with Sherman and

Red Army Snipers c.1942  The soldier on the left, Lt. Lyudmila Pavlichenko, was one of the Red Armys most accomplished snipers during World War II, with 309 confirmed kills of Nazi soldiers, including 36 Nazi snipers.

World War II Soviet female snipers, members of Sydir Kovpak's partisan formation in the Ukrainian SSR Soviet women in World War II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia