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The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn." ~ David Russell ~ sometimes the old bridge is the best bridge!


Places to visit: Moon Bridge, Beijing, China. It’s a wonderful synchronization on the water mirror.

Ponte para pedestres / Miró Rivera Architects © Paul Finkel

Galeria de Ponte para pedestres / Miró Rivera Architects - 2

Image 2 of 10 from gallery of Pedestrian Bridge / Miró Rivera Architects. Photograph by Paul Finkel

Shahara bridge buildt to fight turkish invaders. The legend says that the local people can remove the bridge in few minutes in case of imminent danger! Le fameux pont de Shaharah, au nord de Sanaa (6 heures de routes dont 1 de tape cul, à savoir!).Il parait que les habitants du village peuvent demonter le pont en quelques minutes en cas de danger.Il a été contruit il y a 200 ans pour lutter contre les invasions turques.Le precipices est de 200 metres...Impressionnant. © Eric Lafforgue…

Shaharah bridge - Yemen Shahara bridge built to fight turkish invaders. Legend has it that the local people can remove the bridge in a few minutes in case of imminent danger!

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Autumn is my favourite season! I love wrapping up warm in big boots and tights but not being too cold. Falling leaves and the light at Everything turning gold and red.

Plank Bridge, Galacia, Spain

From the Bridges board/category. [Bridge in Parque Nacional Fragas del Eume, Galicia, Spain (by RTH FOTOS). [Bridges have lots of "lines." Also, this bridge reminds me of train tracks that have lots of lines.

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Bridge on Fire Eroded foot bridge shot at sunset. Elizabeth Park, Trenton, Michigan -- by Jamie Mink

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i have this reaccuring dream that takes place on a bridge like this the ending always is the same, me in the water wondering if this should be a prioritu.fate maybe Plank Bridge, Cascille, Northern Ireland