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Kuvahaun tulos haulle myrkur

Amalie Bruun from Myrkur by Daria Endrese

6e60490376b78b7c342ac1eafb493e83.jpg (450×552)

6e60490376b78b7c342ac1eafb493e83.jpg (450×552)

Photo - Sunday Evenings.

~ Sunsets' blankets drawn slowly over the flower bed meadows, out across the countryside, which all the while, is embracing the warmth of the sun's last kiss.

~ you.little.dark.one

~ you.little.dark.one

.a fé, abençoada seja ela para todo o sempre, além de arredar montanhas do caminho daqueles que do seu poder se beneficiam, é capaz de atrever-se às águas mais torrenciais e sair delas enxuta. (José Saramago)

Welcome brother or sister, to a corner lovingly dedicated to the mysterious ANCIENT CELTS (and general Celtic stuff too), serving as an online archive.

We declare war on our sister lands- Queen Serinity

Style of many Spade swords. We declare war on our sister lands- Queen Serinity