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I voted Lester Holt! "If Brian Williams is forced to step down after falsely claiming that he was in a military helicopter that was forced down in Iraq, who should take his place as anchor of <i>NBC Nightly News</i>?"

Poll: If Brian Williams Steps Down, Who Should Replace Him?

Brian Williams' SEAL Team 6 stories are the latest to come under fire


Funny Workplace Ecard: If I'm to be forced to work with a bunch of adult-sized children, it should be reasonable that I also get to fingerpaint and take naps. this is so funny

How snowflake are made

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I wish you could order Karma like flowers and have it delivered. I would have that number on speed dial!

Young Police Car Spotted

Young Police Car Spotted

Funny pictures about Young Police Car Spotted. Oh, and cool pics about Young Police Car Spotted. Also, Young Police Car Spotted photos.


[RMX] Old Age Making Boobs Bigger by halvarknutson - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

military humor

How they look

The bottom picture is either a drone cam or a fighter jet cam, lol, they are about to go somewhere.

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Love is.supporting one another through old age. I remember the Love Is cartoons in the Gazette when I was in school!