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Not handicaps. And a lot of Deaf and HoH people don't consider their deafness to be a disability.

Oooh so that makes more sense<---OH MY GOD I HAVE BEEN WONDERING ABOUT THAT SO MUCH!

He said in the lighting thief that God and the gods are different matters

This is why i hate piper<<<Fuck you very much, Piper is an amazing character. I don’t understand why the fandom hates Piper so much or Reyna or Rachel. They are all fucking great characters and need to be appreciated more!

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And don’t forget a berserker with a bunch of PhDs, a civil war soldier who is the son of a former slave and tyr, and a daughter of frigg who died disarming a car bomb with her face

I don't know which one is my favorite. <<< Nico's is my favorite

<<< Nico's is my favorite <<<Nico is my favourite just because I'm learning Italian and I just started learning how to use pick up lines XD

Rick's 7th wheels. Him and TJ are going strong. But I'm starting to ship Magnus and Alex...

Him and TJ are going strong. But I'm starting to ship Magnus and Alex.<<I'm hardcore shipping malex

Percy and Leo: I'm so proud of you...We have taught you well *wiping off tears*

Ese Magnus xD es un loquillo xD