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A.G.R. - Outtake

There were two cameras while shooting this scene and the actors weren't quite sure which one was rolling.

A.G.R. (30 sec version)

on your camera then take a look at this commercial and see the miracles it can do for your red face after you've had a coupl.

Applause TV presented by Revelcade Entertainment (playlist)

Applause TV presented by Revelcade Entertainment (playlist)

A.G.R. (60 sec version)

Do you suffer from Asian Glow? Well fear no more as new technological advancements lets you have all the fun, but with none of the red.

News Worth (Episode 1) - Man Pleads Linsanity

Local area man, Joshua Trang, pleads Linsanity when charged with rooting for non-local team.

Vote or Starve

Do you hate it when you don't know what to order at a restaurant? Well, you'll hate it even more when you only get one item! Recognition: Top 3 Winner at the.

For Closure (Director's Cut)

Their dream home just became their worst nightmare. A young couple spends their first night in their new home, but find out they aren't alone. The truth behi.

Dune Tran - Silence [Official HD Music Video]

Showcasing her mellow voice and elegance on the keys, Dune Tran's "Silence" is the first music video performed by this Bay Area based singer/musician.

How Cliff Met Elaine

This video is my wedding present to a wonderful couple, Clifford and Elaine. I've had the pleasure of knowing both since my UC Santa Cruz days.

Asian American Action Figure Music Video (Dune Tran - Kites)

This video was made by gathering various action figure commercials that were based on Asian characters or played by Asian or Asian Pacific Americans.

The Ramonda Show Features Grant Inaba Of Revelcade Entertainment

REVELCADE ENTERTAINMENT will soon be recognized as a house hold name as the extraordinarily talented actors, writers, producers collectively work together to.

Pin for Later: Why Haven't You Watched Grace and Frankie Yet?

Why Haven't You Watched Grace and Frankie Yet?

'Grace & Frankie' Season 2 drops on Netflix May 6 - © Karen Ballard/Netflix