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Thank you Harry

I was obsessed in Harry Potter was my childhood and the childhood of a generation. I grew up with Harry, my mum read me Harry.I will read Harry to my children.


Seriously though. James Potter was a much better man than Severus Snape. Whereas James bullied Snape while they were kids and then grew out of it, Snape used his position of power at Hogwarts to bully children.

To some.

But did Lavender actually die? She was attacked by Greyback in the book. She couldn't have lived & just had the same "Furry little problem" as others?<<<"furry little problem"

Harry Potter Infographic of events that happened in the wizarding world from 1959 to 1981.

Timeline Of Events: 1959 Through 1981 Harry Potter Infographic

This Harry Potter infographic details events that happened in the wizarding world from 1959 (the birth of characters) to 1981 (Harry left with the Dursleys)

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Harry, this is why no one believes you when you make accusations. However, he was right when Draco was trying to kill Dumbledore, but no one believed him to to past accusations.<<< boy who cried wolf

Hogwarts houses for the seasons ❤️  #harrypotter #potterhead

Hogwarts houses for the seasons ❤️ #harrypotter #potterhead

Horcruxes and the murders committed to make them.

Am i the only one to notice that Voldemort took a thing from each house other then Gryfindor. So Harry must be Gryffindor<< Harry was an accidental horcrux. When Voldemort killed his parents his soul was so unstable it split and made Harry a horcrux

Potter Post -24- (Dump) - Imgur

Potter Post -24- (Dump)

One of my favorite Luna scenes in Order of the Phoenix! Blatant Luna is life. Hermione's hair <<< I love luna and this is perfect!

Most important wands from #HarryPotter

Most important wands from the Harry Potter world (infographic)