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The Cursing Hedgehog comic series. Absolutely love it.  //  Requires basic Finnish swearing knowledge.

The Cursing Hedgehog comic series. Absolutely love it.

El diseñador y productor Takashi Iizuka de Sonic Team, ha realizado recientemente una entrevista con Eurogamer, en donde asegura que al erizo azul de Sega le sentaría muy bien un proyecto para Wii U. Aunque por el momento no desvela si hay algo en...

[aporte]sega pondria un projeto de sonic para la wii U

[Aporte]Imagenes de sonic the hedgehog! + - Sonic the Hedgehog [Comunidad Oficial] - Taringa!

✪ Blaze, Silver, Shadow, Tails, Sonic

✪ Blaze, Silver, Shadow, Tails, Sonic


Sonic is being sweet. Knuckles is being bashful and sweet. Shadow was acting cool and sweet.

Shadow has no idea what is going on; nethier do I.

Poor Shadow he just got thrown at Sonic then BOOM! Here comes the piano! They both get smooshed hah

THIS IS SO COOL!!!! All of Sonic's powers and abilities combined can make him UltraSonic!!! by Drawloverlala on DeviantArt

Still think your normal Sonic learn, well at least your not stupider then Mario and his fans.

Way Past Cool by =arvalis on deviantART

Sonic the Hedgehog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Sonikku za Hejjihoggu? Sonic el erizo) es un personaje de videojuegos y la mascota creada por y para SEGA.

Awesome (Yeah BOI, I see my favorites in the same picture for once)

The shading is well done. Plus it is makes a good version of black and white drawings of sonic characters.

Infidget ending by rooomi103

My Infidget headcanon: Infinite, deprived of Phantom Ruby, was put in the water tank by Eggman. After the final scene of the game, Avatar(Gadget) breaks. Infidget ending