oh the Noah vibes

Albus preferred living in the Muggle world. There was less chance of him being recognised. Submitted by: anon


paoloraeli: “enjoying the view with friends in rome. check my insta for more!

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Neville Ron Harry and Hermione running in muggle London  Taken by Ginny and Luna -1999

coltre: “I was walking around with my friends one very sunny day but all of sudden it started raining really hard so here’s a picture of us running as fast…

surrender the night

Tara, Cheyenne and Isabella on a road trip - Taken by Estelle

Couch is makes it look too heavy , like the color scheme

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Makenna Alyse

“ honestly if you don’t want to talk to me anymore it’s fine, really. I will get over it eventually. but have the decency to tell me the reason of it instead of just pretending I don’t exist.