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Judging teachers on students test score. Most of the don't study! We can't make them.

heh heh. what? i've never wanted to throw something. i've DEFINITELY never actually thrown anything... more than once... in a day.

I will not yell in class. I will not throw things in class. I will not have a temper tantrum. I will always be good, Because I am the teacher.

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten: I think I can, I think YOU can!

Summer vacation for teachers. I'm too busy counting down the days when this cardigan becomes a bikini and the chalk becomes a margarita!

Average starting teacher's salary: $34,000. Average cable TV installer's salary: $42,000. Priorities, America.

Real talk about the average starting salary for teachers. And BY THE WAY where are teachers getting paid this much as a starting salary!


Funny Workplace Ecard: 'Well since you are raising your hand, kneeling on your chair, AND yelling my name, I'll just rush over and help you first!' said no teacher ever.so true