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Finnhorse - mare Kiviniemen Manta

Finnhorse - mare Kiviniemen Manta

Finnhorse. The national horse breed of Finland; the only breed fully developed there. It has both riding and draft horse characteristics. It is sometimes called the Finnish Universal as it is considered capable of fulfilling all of the country's horse needs, from agricultural work to harness racing and pleasure riding. photo: kaarne2

Finnhorse — both riding horse and draft horse characteristics - the only breed developed fully in Finland.

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Ture, Finnhorse

Ture, Finnhorse

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Finnhorse gelding Pyry Waan   ( Please don't troll - this is the description provided with the picture when I repinned it. So if it's wrong, please do not tell me, I don't even pay attention to the description half time. I repin because I am looking at and liking the picture, not the description. Thanks )

Finnhorse gelding Pyry Waan ( Please don't troll - this is the description…

Finn horses; according to my grandpa they were real heroes of the war and we wouldn't have won without them. Vive la Finlande!

Dashing through the snow .want to go on a horse drawn sleigh ride!