Oh my god I’m crying literally this is so heart melting awwww

Us TRUE Beliebers have been here since the beginning and have watched him grow and prosper into this amazing adult, I couldn't be more proud of Justin for everything he has done!

Hahaha I would have fied laughing!

haha lol (:<<<Justin, you are stupid.and that's why I love you

This is my friends.....but i am not his fan but i like his songs!

But idc sometimes hit one of my friends me bc i screamd soo fucking loud in their earss😂😂😂❤️ i love my friends

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I wanna meet Justin and go to at least one of his concerts and take a picture with him

Ik I've pinned this over one thousand times , but every time I look at it, it makes me laugh . I LOVE THIS

Gosh I wish this could happen, it would be so awesome in every way, the main is that IM DATING Justin, and the other to prove every jerk at my school that being a Belieber is loving him forever, and never giving that up.