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Lankaköynnös ja tuunattu amppeli

Lankaköynnös ja tuunattu amppeli (Pilkkuraita)

Lankaköynnös ja tuunattu amppeli

Selenicereus Chrysocardium

Scenes From the Junaglow

love the black chalkboard wall, the butcher block & the pendant green kitchen pants Mid-century plant hanger

geometrische planten

mid-century goes modern. (sfgirlbybay)

geometric plant stand // home of rebecca + bruce meissner, via our gathered home

⋘ B e l l a ▲ M o n t r e a l ⋙

Pineapples are in season. Studded with a gleaming diamond texture, this metallic vase abstracts the pineapple—a classic symbol of hospitality. Tactile vessel is handcast of stoneware and aluminum-plated with a brass finish to reflect every angle.

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Kitchen Greens by @Lobster & Swan

A beautiful and simple kitchen shelf, made from rustic pallet wood to hold herbs and capture the fascinating magic of plants. hopefully I could keep all these little plants alive)


Mounted vases for herbs & flowers. Great for a sunny kitchen! Manchester Glass Set by Anthropologie

Numerous people love to have plants in their homes, as they enrich the space, enhance its appearance and filter the air we breathe. Namely, trees and plants produce CO2 ( Carbon Dioxide) and convert it into oxygen, which is the crucial thing we need in...

NASA-Recommended: 18 Plants That Purify The Air We Breathe

Almost everyone knows that plants and trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. We all need oxygen to breathe and survive. Every plant carries out this conversion. Some of them do this more effectively. NASA is always busy doing something.

the everlane office - April and mayApril and may

the everlane office

Even before they had a real office, Everlane had one big wish. Their new office should have no conference rooms and no cubicles.

Beautiful Greenery Inspiration

Calathea - Die Schönheit aus dem Urwald

Mother-in-law's Tongue - GoodHousekeeping.com

The 25 Indoor Plants You Can't Kill