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VA Study: Telehealth Can Help Identify Eye Issues in Diabetic Patients - iHealthBeat

Best magazine out there on the subject. A free subscription is highly recommended.

Can Real-Time Temperature Monitoring Help Clinicians Save Preemies?

Silver Surfers' ready and waiting for mHealth November 25, 2013 | Eric Wicklund - Editor, mHealthNews

"Health system officials say they were among the first to launch telehealth services through a stand-alone kiosk, partnering with HealthSpot, as well as pioneering the MyConsult second opinion service" - Eric Wicklund, mHealth News

"Videoconferencing is bringing telehealth mainstream via a new partnership between HealthSpot and some of the nation’s leading health and technology providers via the Alliance for Connected Care." - Elizabeth Ecker, Home Health Care News

Democrats often accuse Republicans of waging a war against women, but now critics of the Obama Administration say cuts to the Medicare program are negatively impacting home health care jobs – an in…

The info-graphic shows that this practice does not discriminate and many adults of different races use their smart-phones for this. Despite this growth of health data research through mobile devices, it is always important to keep in mind that no app will be able to replace the advice a doctor can give you. - See more at: http://www.discountmedicalsupplies.com/doctors/health-news/are-smartphones-slowly-replacing-doctors-lets-analyze-stats#sthash.H30cLyJk.dpuf

Are Smartphones Slowly Replacing Doctors?

Acost-benefit analysis released in the fall enumerates some significant financial benefits for regular urine drug testing for patients receiving treatment for chronic pain. Conducted by the economic research and consulting firm Laffer Associates

CMS issues final rule with home health payment changes for 2015

Telecare: A waste of time or the future of health and social care? (UK) June 3, 2013 | By: Steve Hards | No Comments

Telehealth and Telecare Aware

Cancer survivors face rising costs, report says

The pharmaceutical industry scored another victory Friday in its battle to limit access to lower-priced drugs through HHS' drug discount program.

Tapping the Telehealth Revolution for Advancing Health Care Reform by Mario Gutierrez Friday, November 1, 2013

Computer Model Aims To Predict Breast Cancer Treatment Options - iHealthBeat

Sounds like an interesting study, althought not too surprising: "In a new study analyzing eating and exercise habits over the last few decades, researchers say America's growing obesity problem is mostly the consequence of its increasingly sedentary lifestyle, not its growing calorie count." - See more at: http://www.bignewsnetwork.com/index.php/sid/223584457#sthash.5rvnvItm.dpuf

"Formerly a member of the board and COO of Dayton Hudson and Chairman and CEO of Revco Drug Stores, Sells will help guide HealthSpot in its roll out to community pharmacies nationwide.

"With HealthSpot's Stations you won't have to trek all the way to the office park when your fever spikes. Just drop by one of the company's 8-foot by 5-foot enclosed kiosks – coming soon to pharmacies, hospitals and maybe grocery stores near you – and enjoy a virtual doctors visit." - Leslie Steinberg, Everyday Health #HealthSpot #telemedicine

Consumer Electronics Show 2013: A Healthy Outlook

CES 2013 was all about innovation in the digital health and fitness world. Scroll through the slideshow to see some of our favorite new health-tech devices.


Telehealth in Population Health Management « Healthcare Intelligence Network

Pharmacies and telehealth: a natural fit?- "Interest is high in combining pharmacies with telehealth, as evidenced by Walgreen's extensive forays into the field and Rite Aid's recent deployment of HealthSpot kiosks in dozens its Ohio pharmacies.  "It (the pharmacy) is the destination 99 percent of the time when we have an illness," HealthSpot CEO Steve Cashman pointed out." -Eric Wicklund, mHealth News

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Specific Beauty builds retail presence!

Specific Beauty builds retail presence!

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Lawsuit against the Department of Social Services alleges that it repeatedly discriminated against well-qualified Native American job applicants

Security of mobile devices a continuing concern - Healthcare organizations not only have to contend with protecting patient health information on their own health IT, but also have to worry about data stored on physicians' and others' mobile devices, according to a panel discussion at the Fourth Annual mHealth World Congress in Boston this week, mHIMSS.org reported. Story from July 27, 2012.

Study: Mobile health device fatigue hinders user engagement, even among chronically ill - FierceMobileHealthcare 2016