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Not the naked band members but everything else! But I do still want the band members!

I think you mean concerts

That whole school is safe for everyone is bull. Because if it's true why are we shoved up against walls and told we're hated everyday? Concerts are safe. Where everyone is accepted and equal.<< school is hell

Just don't. I once listened to you only live once all night ( i fell asleep to it) then listen to it all the way to school the next morning on repeat

I have literally listened to welcome to the black parade like 100 times today

Story of my life>>> literally. I am an introverted dork.

*puts thumbs up* But idk being a socially awkward teenager that listens to bands all day is kinda fun

crushed my dreams

I would punch my dad and say the same thing. There is something else I would say is stop yelling at the tv dad.