The funniest thing that happened during the filming of Catching Fire-- the proposal.

Omg that person was so close! I'm from District 3, I was reaped, my lover is Gale and I was killed by a weapon.

District 12 Reaped My lover is Finnick. I am a victor.<<District 12 volunteered my lover is Cato im a Victor.

only pinning this because honest to god this is my greatest goal in life.. to meet every last one of the people in the hunger games series.

All of the Hunger Games cast signatures << except for the fact that they put "Gales" this is perfect

olicitytributeee: “ and people call him weak. ”

Next time someone says Peeta Mellark is a weakling. It really bugs me when people say he's a weakling. In the movies Peeta was a bit of a weakling.

You are not to leave the corner you sit in for as long as you live!

You are not to leave the corner you sit in for as long as you live!<<< but what would have happened? Would it have ended up being Katniss anyway, or maybe mayor dudes daughter.

This is what I said when the movie came out! Glad someone agrees.

Hunger games>>> the hungers capitol was the authors take on our media and that's possibly the reason why she wrote this book to show people that the media glorifies the good things and downplays the bad unless the bad things give more attention