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Sometimes Teachers Can Be Awesome

Sometimes Teachers Can Be Awesome, hopefully I'll have someone like this in…

bust out your tin foil hats... - Imgur

That's gotta hurt when you have huge tiger claws! That was Elin toilet paper. It don't take no shit off Tiger!

Because you learn the importance of a well-placed comma… | 22 Reasons Going Back…

Because you learn the importance of a well-placed comma...

Spelling is clearly not this person's strong point but nonetheless he makes a point of hav...

Pictures capture the best grisly backside body art fails

More of the worst tattoos ever! Some of the ugliest tats! Horrible ideas and inkings make you wonder. Funny, they just keep coming. Bad tattoos are forever.

tattoo and butterfly image

Maybe a different moth and different flowers but this is the style and quality I want. Moth represents to always find the light.

Fuck the crown saving for the orchids. Incorporate into my next piece

I absolutely love this! I think I need something like this on my upper arm. But with something else than the crown Mais

Top 18 Spelling Errors That Will Make Your Eye Twitch

Funny grammar mistakes and misspelled tattoos are the last thing you would require provided you are a fashion freak. The tattoo spelling mistakes will certainly turn a tattoo into a bad tattoo.