Spring Blooms of the Brandywine Crabapple - they look like tiny rose buds

Best Crabapples for Your Yard

Spring blossoms of a Brandywine Crabapple. This looks like a rose tree. Spring blossoms of a Brandywine Crabapple. This looks like a rose tree.

Eden Roses - If I had time for roses, these would be the ones. Gorgeous!

yellow rose rose garden flowers Roses Eden rose- also known as the pierre de ronsard---old french rose. // Great Gardens & Ideas // The mos.

Zinnias! My favorite flower. Need to make a cut flower garden again now that we're back up north.

Zinnia Queen Red Lime--Another pinner: love this color with the queen annes lace. I hope I can plant these in our hot weather.

I wish for you....  Happiness, Deep down within. Serenity. With each sunrise. Success. In each facet of your life. Close and caring friends. Love. That never ends.  Special memories. Of all the yesterdays. A bright today. With much to be thankful for. A path. That leads to beautiful tomorrows.  Dreams. That do their best to come true. And appreciation. Of all the wonderful things about you.  Author Unknown

Climbing Roses Climbing roses are ornamental garden plants grown for their beautiful flowers. These modern roses are.

Hortensias azules - vintage blue

Serenity in the Garden: No-Fail Tips for Turning Hydrangeas Blue! Can't wait to be able to have these in my backyard! Mine are always blue but I'm looking forward to having a hydrangea hedge.

Весна - це така пора року, коли дуже добре починати щось нове.

These sakura (cherry blossom) bloom a little later, are double petals and are a brighter pink.