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Olkkari & Kruunukirppu

Olkkari & Kruunukirppu

eco table  www.facebook.com/NeonEnergyElement www.Pinterest.com/NeonElement www.altairia.com/NeonElement

Cool design and idea apply on this garden table. With trellis design, plant table combines furniture and nature in one creation to give ecological fee.

Gallery Walls - 4 Fool Proof Guidelines | Jenny Tamplin

Nothing says home and love like a photo wall. Check out these 50 amazing photo gallery wall ideas and learn the best way to photos for your wall gallery.

#TODesign - In a hallway Martha has an interesting take on near reflective symmetry here the photographs share black frames in different sizes. Despite their variation in size the balance is achieved by the continual rotation from large to small in reverse and the fact the frames are positioned off of one straight center line. via Carolina Legarda - http://ift.tt/1OmyNQ1

Mark a horizontal line and hang picture frames or your childrens' art work on either side of the line.perfect for a back hallway

Innovative feature wall ideas living room - http://newurbanhomes.com/4115

I love the idea of a family photo wall. My Mema Katie had an entire wall in her house covered with at least four generations of family pictures.

Black & White Kitchen Accessories | boligpluss.no | Heath Ashli | Flickr

Black & White Kitchen Accessories | boligpluss.no | Heath Ashli | Flickr